Yes, Your iPhone Sends Your Data to Apps and Third Parties

Washington Post Technology writer Geoffrey Fowler partnered with privacy firm Disconnect to see what his iPhone was up to during a week.  The results surprised and disturbed him.

The iPhone was up all night as Fowler slept, sending tons of data to the apps on his phone, as well as to third parties.  The information included personally identifiable data and his exact location. The review site Yelp! received his IP address every five minutes.  Some of the apps sending data in the middle of the night included Microsoft OneDrive, Intuit’s Mint, Nike, Spotify, The Washington Post, and IBM’s Weather Channel.

Fowler found over 5,000 trackers in just one week.

Disconnect has developed an app, Privacy Pro, that can identify and block many of the trackers on your phone.  If you try it, don’t be surprised to find that many programs are sending your personal info and other data to companies you’ve never heard of, at all hours of the day.

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