Women Good at Hiding Infidelity: Men, Not So Much

We can see it in your eyes; or at least, that’s what researchers at the University of Western Australia found about men who’ve cheate, according to a study published in the Royal Society Open Science.

Using a test group of 1,500 people, the researchers showed pictures of 101 men and 88 women.  The test subjects were asked to rank the men and women on a scale of one to 10, where one represented not at all likely to be unfaithful and 10 was extremely likely to play the field.

The results were clear.  The test subjects, both men and women, were able to identify men likely to cheat; however, neither men nor women were able to identify women likely to cheat.

The results surprised the researchers because they had expected that members of the same sex would be able to spot others who are “poachers,” or those who would attempt to attract someone else’s partner.

The researchers based part of their hypothesis on other research that showed 70% of people across 50 cultures had at least attempted to “poach” someone else’s partner, and 60% had been successful.



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