Woman Coughs On Flight Attendant To Get Off Plane; It Didn’t Work

Passengers aboard a Thai Airways flight were frustrated. They’d flown to China, and landed safely, but were left sitting on the tarmac as they waited for health officials to arrive so they could screen passengers at risk for the coronavirus. The wait dragged on for seven hours.

At that point, one female Chinese passenger decided she’d had enough. She decided to cough on a female flight attendant to convince her to open the doors and let the passengers off the plane. It didn’t work.

Instead of being allowed to exit the plane, the woman was tackled by a male flight attendant, who then held her in a headlock until other crew members arrived.

A YouTube user posted a short clip of the scene with this caption:

“One Chinese woman went stir crazy on a Thai Airways flight and deliberately coughed on a female flight attendant to try to pressure staff to open the doors and let her out. Senior male flight attendant was having none of it, warned her, then a scuffle ensued.”

Eventually, they were able to calm her down and she waited in her seat for the deplaning process.

Flight attendants around the world probably wish they could do this with passengers from time to time. When they get out of line, just take them to the ground and put them in a headlock!

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Comments (4)

  1. James

    We pretend to be civilized but it doesn’t take much for the civil in civilized to disappear.

  2. Roy

    Way to GO!!! Don’t put up with ANY BS!!!!!!!

  3. Judy

    Right way to handle this! This person’s actions could have caused mass panic. Airlines etc, should be allowed to handle this type of “rude, know it all, self centered Passengers” in any manor that is deemed necessary. I’d like to see this more often.


    I can’t blame her….it is hard enough to stay in a plane, but waiting in a plane…and for 7 hours…that guy should buy her and all of them a dinner…..or pay for their flight (IF THEY DIDN’T PAY FOR IT)

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