Booker Still Running For President, Though Few Seem to Care

Senator and Presidential Hopeful Cory Booker is facing a do or die moment in his campaign.  He needs to boost his poll numbers to make the December debate, but every indication shows him going the wrong way.

In a memo to the campaign staff, his campaign manager Addisu Demissie wrote:

“We are reorienting our entire campaign apparatus into a persuasion effort to… reach the voters we need to meet the polling threshold.”

If they weren’t trying to persuade voters before, it’s not clear what the campaign was trying to achieve.

Booker hasn’t hit 4% support in a national poll in months.  The December debates require candidates to collect donations from at least 200,000 individual donors and garner 6% support in two early-state polls or 4% in four national or early state polls.

Booker isn’t close in the polling numbers, and he’s not alone. Only 6 of the 18 candidates have qualified.

While Demissie claims voters remain open to persuasion and tell his campaign workers they haven’t committed, that’s not the same as committing to Booker, who has started selling “Underdog” sweatshirts.

But Booker has proven to be strong during the debates and eloquent at the microphone, and he’s far from the bottom of the pack.  He has name recognition… now he just needs support.

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Comments (3)


    GOOD FOR THE LADY, DON’T BE A VICTEM of the bad guys. i am 83 yrs old and not THat good of condition, as arhter and rotator cuff HAVE LIMITED MY FIGHTING ABILITY BUT MY 38 IS A VERY GOOD FRIEND IN MY HOME

  2. rosann medlar

    BOOKER knows very little about his people he grew up in one of New Jersey’s richest county’s with lots of Chinese people – who is he kidding

  3. rosann medlar

    why was my post not printed – where is freedom of speech??

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