Will Impeachment Move to Senate? Pelosi Won’t Commit

Along party lines with just two Democrat defections, the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump, a move that surprised no one.  But then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi threw a curve ball.

When asked if she could guarantee that the process would be moved to the Senate, she refused to commit, saying she wants to see a fair trial process in place first.

Her lack of clarity could have something to do with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who talked about adopting the 1999 impeachment rules to govern the current process.

Referring to the current impeachment and then the 1999 Senate trial of President Clinton, McConnell said:

“I hope House Democrats see reason and pull back from this precipice. But if they proceed, I hope the Democratic Leader and I can sit down soon and honor the template that was unanimously agreed to the last time.”

The Democrats might not want the 1999 rules because they allow for a summary dismissal after opening statements.  If that happened, it would take all the power out of the current impeachment.

As for Pelosi, if she never sends the matter to the Senate, then Democrats never have to face the fact that President Trump would be exonerated.

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