Why are COVID-19 Cases Dropping Like a Bag of Rocks? Plus, Dems Calling for a National Gun Registry.

It’s time to GET INFORMED, AMERICA! The weekly show where host Dave Okenquist, sits down with the editor of Informed American Rodney Johnson, to breakdown the BIGGEST HEADLINES OF THE WEEK!

This episode we’re discussing:

  1. Why are COVID-19 cases dropping like a bag of rocks?
  2. Dems want to create a national gun registry.
  3. CNN viewership tanks.
  4. AOC terrified during capitol breach, though she wasn’t there.
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Comments (14)


    Whoever took this poll must have polled mostly radical right-wingers, of which I am most assuredly not. I believe in being well informed and in thinking critically. I do believe that those who answered “no” must all be Trump lovers, the worst kind of Americans in this country today, because he is the most dangerous man not only in this country but in the world.

    • papasha408

      If you think Trump is a dangerous man, just wait until Biden’s administration gets through with you. He has destroyed thousands of energy-jobs, destroyed Women’s sport by allowing transgendered athletes to play in women’s professional sports, allowed them in the military which is insane. He also wants to have every American register their fire-arms which will eventually be followed by confiscation. The idiot who introduced this bill doesn’t realize the Second Amendment of the Constitution is a right of every American. Also, Biden is going to ramp up the ridiculous wars in the Middle-East, especially Syria. These wars are not in America’s interests. They are only in the interests of the Industrial Military Complex and Oligarchs in special interest groups. Biden’s behavior in the Obama administration reveals the man is nothing but a modern-day ‘Carpet-bagger. His actions in Ukraine were disgraceful.

  2. Michael Schmid

    We need to stop them.

  3. Blair Martin

    Enough already, the survivor rate is + to 99.90%.

  4. Michael Rackley

    Gun Registry ..Hell No!!!!!!

  5. Billy Wilson

    They changed thr reporting levels. The Left is now run by communist aggitators . They have to remove guns before the take over. Biden lied when he stated we are not coming for your guns, trying backdoor means of getting them.

    • Kent

      for sure

  6. sue

    As far as the virus, anyone who wants it, needs to do the research, this is an experimental vaccine, we have such a thing as natural herd immunity, this country has become drug dependent, for info on vaccines watch the highwire, online, bitchute. As for the guns, I’ve had a cpl for sixteen years without a problem, what she wants is control and money, I wonder when she will start a department of people to go around sticking their heads up peoples a—s, so she doesn’t miss anything. As far as AOC, I think she mentally ill, this wasn’t her first crazy, she shouldn’t be in government.

  7. Public_Citizen

    Historically, gun registries have led to gun confiscation, followed by an increase in totalitarian control and abuse of human rights.
    I’ve seen nothing from the people advocating for these measures to lead me to suspect any deviation from the historical pattern of abuse.

  8. Carol

    Plus the CDC changed the way it counts the cases. The flu deaths, pneumonia deaths, auto or motorcycle deaths are counted as they should be, not as covid.

  9. Carol

    AOC need to move to Hollywood. She would fit right in with the rest of the actors. She’s crazy!!!

  10. terry shead

    Wake up the pcr tests don’t work.

  11. GS

    You guys are clueless regarding the PCR test scam. Upwards of 94% false positives. Heck, it was even in the NY Times. Cycles above 35 are meaningless. The inventor of the test said it was never meant to diagnose infections. You guys need to do some research.

  12. Olga Miller

    She was born in… you guessed it… Queens, NYC! She is not a Texan, she is a full fledged Communist who just happens to live in Texas. As for psychological exams & gun ownership, you can bet your sweet bippy that no one will be able to pass muster.

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