Who Needs Paris (Accord), When We’ve Got American Ingenuity?


President Trump caused a lot of commotion when he withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord, and now President Biden is making a big deal of rejoining.

But here’s the thing. We don’t need it.

The U.S. is doing just fine in cutting greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), thank you very much. The latest proof comes from a report published by the U.N.

As Forbes reports:

But for the United States, the real value in this report is as an advisory that it need not join the Paris Climate Accord. This report is evidence that, instead, the U.S. should just keep doing what it is doing to cut its own emissions. The U.S. is the most successful major country at mitigating its own pollution, and the U.N. shows this. 

As reported in Forbes, the report also says,

“The United States of America emits 13% of global GHG emissions.” Comparatively, “China emits more than one-quarter of global GHG emissions.”

“The U.S. still contributes the most greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the world, but, over the last decade, the country’s GHG emissions have been in decline (0.4% per year).“

Greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the U.S. are dropping precipitously while those of China, India and Russia continue to rise. With the world’s most successful economy (over $21 trillion in 2019), it is not a surprise that the U.S. pollutes more per person, but the U.S. is making great strides in changing this.

Gee, now if only other countries that actually signed on to the accords would make such progress.

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Comments (10)

  1. rick

    We don’t need the Paris Climb the Wall “Accord”! We’re doing better than any country in the world! Could it be that commie Joe is showing his true colors? He’s doing his puppet-master’s bidding, namely commie China, the dirtiest country in the world, & this must be partial payback. Kill some more jobs, Joe, you moron!

  2. Michael R. Lackner

    We have known for many years that the United States is not the main problem when it comes to greenhouse gases. The United States is definitely doing better than China, Russia and India, who continue to get worse. The question then becomes, how do we get the real culprits in global warming to do a better job? We sure are not going to bully them into doing a better job!!

  3. Barry Epstein

    If the US were to join the Paris Climate Accord, perhaps China, Russia and India would be compelled to follow.

    • Carey Nuyen

      That idea makes zero sense! We got out because they were making us PAY for everyone elses non compliance, hence more DEBT on our shoulders for what?

      It’s money laundering for the eco commies and control freaks to steal! The whole thing is a Joke.

      I just read and Sorry, I don’t have a link, but you can google it. It’s from the last two days or so I read it. We are actually getting warmer here due to our air being cleaner! So the sun is heating the ground here more than other more haze filled areas of this world!

      NO MORE BS with this WE PAY they PLAY!

  4. Gene

    One volcanic eruption put out how much greenhouse gases? Do we know is the away to measure it. Try to regulate that!

  5. Keith Clark

    There is only one reason to support this. That reason is to Destroy American Businesses.

  6. V DeNice Jensen

    Why dp we need to support the rest of the world in this? President Trump was right in getting out of it in the first place because it was just costing the US money!

  7. Billy Wilson

    Pres. Biden is paying the Green side for their support. Enough of this Socialist BS.

    • DD

      AGREE 100% with all 3 COMMENTS! Trump was RIGHT with his FOREIGN POLICIES, and BIDEN is just going back to the same ol plan where the US is the PRIMARY CONTRIBUTOR!

  8. DD

    THE “ONLY” REASON we are going back to the Paris Accords is to play nice with the rest of the world and we pay more than any other country to bribe them to like us, just like NATO, and the UN ! We should be out of NATO, out of the UN, out of the Paris Climate Agreement, out of the WHO, and out of the IRAN Deal. They will just take our money and do what ever they want without “any” thought of the USA Positions! They do it all the time especially the UN and the WHO!!!

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