White House Ends Move to Cut Foreign Aid

President Trump has long called for cutting foreign aid to countries and causes that are hostile to the U.S.  Now it appears that the administration is backing off of its hard line stance.  An anonymous source told Reuters that the White House will not move forward with a plan to cut billions of dollars from congressionally approved foreign aid budget, although the reason for the change isn’t clear.

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he was considering scaling back an effort that could have cut billions of dollars in foreign aid and would decide on the proposal – which faces strong opposition in Congress – within days.

Members of Congress, including some of Trump’s fellow Republicans as well as Democrats, have been pushing back against repeated Trump administration efforts to cut the amount of money Washington spends on foreign aid.

The White House is taking another look at spending by the State Department and USAID, where they had expected to cut up to $4.3 billion in already-approved spending.

Trump told reporters on Tuesday that “certain things” could be cut, but others might not be.

He said:

“But we are looking at it and we have some things that are on the table very much. We’ll let you know over the next probably sooner than a week.”


  1. President flip-flop changed his mind again? I thought he was gonna buy greenland, oh wait now he’s not. Maybe he’s gonna get that money from mexico to build that wall, oh wait a minute, maybe not. I’m sure he’s gonna bring all those jobs to Lordstown, oh hold on, that doesn’t seem to be happening. This guy has got more pipe dreams, than carter has pills!

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