What Would You Give Up To Avoid Cancer?

No one wants a diagnosis of cancer. No one wants to go through chemotherapy or radiation. And no one wants to give up their quality of life, or even their life, to cancer. But how much would you give up to give yourself a better chance of avoiding such a diagnosis?

The American Cancer Society (ACS) just came out with their updated guidelines for reducing the risk of cancer. The previous guidelines included physical activity, focusing on a plant-based diet, and modest alcohol consumption. The updated guidelines call for two to five hours of exercise per week, depending on the level of exercise, a continued focus on plant-based foods and reducing the consumption of meat, and no alcohol consumption.

Of course, the hard part is that, even if we do these things, there’s no guarantee we will avoid cancer. The worst of both worlds would be exercising daily, avoiding red meat, refusing to drink, and still getting cancer.

Luckily the ACS gives us an out. While the advocacy calls for no alcohol, they do say that if you insist on drinking, then limit it to one drink per day for women, and two drinks per day for men.

At least that’s something. Tofu never goes down well, but a cold beer chaser makes it easier to take.

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Comments (1)

  1. audrey saltsman

    People are skipping their cancer treatments because of the virus. Personally I have seen many family and friends waste a way and die from cancer. All of them receiving these horrendous cancer treatments.Personally If I get cancer I would not take chemotherapy or radiation. All these treatments do is give a person a few more months maybe a year. But most of the time they have so many side effects from these treatments they can’t enjoy what life they have left. I would choose stem cell therapy.Unfortunately insurance won’t pay for this. The insurance companies would rather dole out the insurance money to chemo or radiation. This country is so backwards in the medical field ,compared to other countries. I believe there is a cure for a lot of diseases but it is squashed by the FDA and big pharma. To many people are getting paid to keep their mouth shut.

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