We’re in a Baby Bust: Lowest Birth Rate in 35 Years

Births fell another 1% last year, and except for 2014, have fallen every year since 2007. At a time when Millennials should be forming households and starting families, they appear to be putting off such decisions for another day. Births in the U.S. fell to a 35-year low in 2019.

Almost every age group showed a decline in births. The one exception was women over 40, which implies that women still want to have children, they’re just waiting longer. This is worrisome because it’s harder for older women to have children. If many young people are waiting until much later in life, they will have fewer children and thereby keep birthrates stubbornly low.

Among the domestic population, the birthrate fell to 1.7 children per woman of child-bearing age. We need at least 2.1 children per woman to keep the population numbers even. Americans have had small families since the 1970s.  Our population has grown due to migration.

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