Logic Fail: Wayfair Employees to Stage Walkout Over Selling Furniture To Detention Center

Wayfair employees might be good at shipping furniture, but they must have failed a logic course somewhere along the way.

A group of workers at the online home furnishings store are leading a walkout after they noticed a $200,000 order for bedroom furniture from a detention facility in Texas.  The employees are demanding that the company not do business with the detention facility where immigrant children are housed.

The group operates under the Twitter handle @wayfairwalkout, and has called for the company to stop selling to migrant detention camps and that it give profits, which they claim amount to $86,000, to a Texas-based non-profit agency offering legal services to immigrants.

The CEO refused.

@wayfairwalkout tweeted:

“In response to a recent letter signed by 547 employees, our CEO said that the company would not cease doing business with contractors furnishing border camps.”

The Twitter account has a following of more than 13,000 including high-profile Democratic U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren said on Twitter:

“I stand with hundreds of @Wayfair employees who are planning to stage a walkout at their Boston headquarters tomorrow. The safety and well-being of immigrant children is always worth fighting for.”

But there’s a problem.  The order for furniture shows that the detention facility is trying to provide proper conditions for the people in the facilities.  By walking out, and extension by supporting the walkout, the employees, Rep. Cortez, and Sen. Warren are denying the very thing they claim to support – better conditions.

If these various groups and politicians were concerned about the asylum-seeking migrants they would work for free and donate what they could to the detention centers.

Better yet, the politicians would actually do their jobs and create better migration laws as well as appropriate funds for caring for the migrants in custody.



  1. A failed logic indeed and a sham concern on the part of these stupid Wayfair employees. All of these walkout participants ought to be fired.

    • Honestly! Are they for real these employees on what they just did ? They are working for a business that pays their salaries. If I owned the company move come South we lost so many mills here and good jobs. We have thousands of illegals here working for low wages? WHY? See the factories closed up in the NE you now have jobs. Get real. We cannot take in the whole world or do ou want them in your backyard next like Calif? Sad to see San Francisco one of my favorite cities trashed. So wrong. CEO stand your ground

  2. They complain about conditions migrants are in but don’t want them to have beds. Only a liberal thinks this way. They should all be fired if they walk out.

  3. go ahead and walk if it was my co. the next thing you will get is your last weeks check for termanation for unautherized absence. most of you can be replaced within days . and depending on state laws you will have extra weeks of non unemployment checks

  4. When are the powers that be going to put a stop to this type of disgusting behavior! These liberals talk out of both sides if their mouth! Where was the concern when Obama built the ‘cages’!!!
    They act like holier than thou but are plain liars!

  5. I was ready to discontinue doing business with Wayfair until I read that management isn’t going to cave. I commend Wayfair for that and the Government for trying to improve the environment at the border. BTW: If the accommodations are so horrific, stay where you are. You won’t be missed.

  6. Fool not all companies can affo4d to just donate all their goods. If you want to donate go ahead and donate If I were your boss, not a single one of you would have a job by tomorrow morning. Companies have bills to pay as well as you ingrates, How dare you attempt to force anyone but yourselves how to spend their money, and attempt to push your private opinions to what others feel or don’t feel!

  7. By all means when thinking of their well being lets take away their beds. The left really has gotten delusional in the last few years.

  8. What is wrong with providing beds for the immigrants to sleep on instead of the hard floor? How many of these workers are willing to take these illegals in to provide them with a “home life” I bet the answer is 0

  9. There are other companies that I can order from online if I need to. If the employees at Wayfair don’t want to work, fine, fire their sorry asses and help someone else to get a job. AOC and Warren are really showing their true colors with this behavior. Vote them out of office at the ballot box.

  10. Doubly stupid is wanting them to donate profits to lawyers to help them stay. Fire them all. But as long as it doesn’t hurt the employees pocketbooks they don’t care.

  11. So the order is to make the conditions in the facilities better for these people. So the employees are trying to keep them from getting the things they need, not trying to help them. Do any of you people have a brain in your head?

  12. I think wayfair should fire the stupid walkouts and hire people who appreciate the opportunity to work and have a good job. This makes me want to order from Wayfair immediately. I hope Wayfair does not buckle to these idiots, they would rather see children sleep on concrete than sleep in a bed! Thanks for holding strong on this!

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