Logic Fail: Wayfair Employees to Stage Walkout Over Selling Furniture To Detention Center

Wayfair employees might be good at shipping furniture, but they must have failed a logic course somewhere along the way.

A group of workers at the online home furnishings store are leading a walkout after they noticed a $200,000 order for bedroom furniture from a detention facility in Texas.  The employees are demanding that the company not do business with the detention facility where immigrant children are housed.

The group operates under the Twitter handle @wayfairwalkout, and has called for the company to stop selling to migrant detention camps and that it give profits, which they claim amount to $86,000, to a Texas-based non-profit agency offering legal services to immigrants.

The CEO refused.

@wayfairwalkout tweeted:

“In response to a recent letter signed by 547 employees, our CEO said that the company would not cease doing business with contractors furnishing border camps.”

The Twitter account has a following of more than 13,000 including high-profile Democratic U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren said on Twitter:

“I stand with hundreds of @Wayfair employees who are planning to stage a walkout at their Boston headquarters tomorrow. The safety and well-being of immigrant children is always worth fighting for.”

But there’s a problem.  The order for furniture shows that the detention facility is trying to provide proper conditions for the people in the facilities.  By walking out, and extension by supporting the walkout, the employees, Rep. Cortez, and Sen. Warren are denying the very thing they claim to support – better conditions.

If these various groups and politicians were concerned about the asylum-seeking migrants they would work for free and donate what they could to the detention centers.

Better yet, the politicians would actually do their jobs and create better migration laws as well as appropriate funds for caring for the migrants in custody.


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