Watch the Iowa Caucus Embarrassment Get Even Worse, Thanks to Gravity

This was what Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price said over the summer:

“Just know this: on February 3rd of 2020, caucuses will take place in this state. We will be first. And they will be, without a doubt, the most successful caucuses in our party’s history.”

It’s already old news that the Democratic primaries got off to a start for the history books, for all the wrong reasons. The embarrassment of the botched vote tallying system, followed by days of uncertainty, accusations of foul play and calls for a recount was about as inauspicious as you could get.

But Price – or the laws of physics – wanted to make sure we could visualize just how embarrassing the moment was for party officials.

Addressing reporters at a press conference this week, Price watched as the sign fell off the podium from which he spoke. Unable to muster even a word to make light of the mishap, he gestured helplessly and went on explaining why they can’t address one of the many problems with the vote count.

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