Warren Staffers Get Number Tattoos on Their Arms; Are Clueless About Holocaust

As the Elizabeth Warren campaign for president came to an end, a couple of the staffers wanted to do something that would permanently remind them of the cause. So they did what any self-respecting Millennial would do, they got tattoos.

Instead of getting inked with Warren’s name or portrait, they went for something that was more of an inside thing, a “hex number.”

A hexadecimal number is a code used to represent a specific color, allowing anyone to match that color. Warren chose a mint green color, reminiscent of Cadillacs and oven doors in the 1950s, as the color of her campaign, and called it “liberty green.” The color does resemble that of the Statue of Liberty.

The hex number for the color is B7E4CF.

Two former Warren staffers, Eric Ziminsky Raquel Breternitz, had the number tattooed on their forearms and posted pictures of the new artwork on social media. They were immediately called out by everyone who’d ever taken a history class for getting tattoos that resemble the numbers tattooed on Jewish prisoners by the Nazis.

Ziminsky and Breternitz removed the posted pictures and then apologized.

There’s no reason to think the staffers were doing anything more than what they said, memorializing the Warren campaign. But it does raise the question of how two, seemingly educated people could do such a thing and never have the Holocaust cross their minds?

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Comments (10)

  1. Ransel

    They are Democrats aren’t they ? Why would you even assume they have anything between their ears ?

  2. Donald Nicholas

    I guess it’s a requirement that today’s socialist have to be clueless. I guess 100 years of leftist domination of our public, so called, education dumbing down society has paid off.

    • Nancy Anderson

      You are right about that. The colleges have been churning out Leftist, Liberal, brainless wonders for several years, and now it’s beginning to really show. A lot of the younger people have even been taught that it never happened, and was just a bunch of propaganda about the war. Sad. We are becoming a nation of robots, who can’t and don’t think for themselves.

  3. David Barron

    This is an easy one to answer. Liberals and liars tend not to look at history as they are too absorbed into themselves to pay attention to what is going on around them or in the past. Remember WWII and the death camps are not being denied by many on our world today. Having been to one, not as a NAZI guest, by as a historian, the feeling when you walk onto the grounds is profound. It is like a millions souls hitting you in the chest begging for help. I for one am glad that Dwight Eisenhower had the camps photographed extensively because as he said back then, “In the future there will be people that deny this ever happened.”
    Those tattoos are probably the most idiotic thing the staff could have done. One has to remember that Elizabeth Warren has built her entire career on one like after another one to gain a leg up. Who in their right minds could ever trust her?

  4. D Peterson

    Even though I feel this poll is skewed for Trump and is not completely accurate, I think he will win by a landslide. Contrary to what the naysayers say, Trump has been a great leader, tirelessly working for and defending the American people. I can only imagine what he could of accomplished with even an iota of bipartisan support. I agree Trump is a bit unorthodox in his way; but from my perspective, his methods are very effective!

  5. Thomas

    The socialist communist followers of these Democrat demons have no idea of what happened with the very beliefs they are listening to now. There were over 70 million murdered during WW2 and well over another 100 million murdered by the socialist communist governments formed after that in their own countries.

  6. cliff

    Idiots are not born..they are developed by the liberal dumbocrap education system. Welcome to the Brave New World…. NOT!
    When you take GOD and THE LORD out of our society …it leaves a vacuum …that gets filled by the stupidity of liberalism.

    • pirate


  7. Nellie

    Everyone should try and stay out of crowds. If eating in restaurants: avoid peak time: go early or later, order takeout.
    This 8s going to hurt our economy. I am trying not to buy foreign food. Wash with small amount of garlic.
    Glad Trump’s agenda was the wall. Democrats didn’t want the wall: CA still wants illegals. The crime rate is the worse I have ever experienced.
    Not safe and now the virus.
    God Bless Our Country
    Trump 2020

  8. Lisa Balla Millar

    They must have been a bunch of young people who didn’t know about the tattooing in Germany. Instead of getting one, they should be looking up socialism, watch and learn about Venezuela and Cuba. I bet most of them haven’t been around the block and are not aware of life in a socialistic country. They think they get this stuff free shows their stupidity. Someone has to pay for it and if they are still in college and want free tuition, they aren’t smart enough to realize they will be paying 10 times more in taxes when they go to work. No foresight or commonsense.

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