Warren Staffers Get Number Tattoos on Their Arms; Are Clueless About Holocaust

As the Elizabeth Warren campaign for president came to an end, a couple of the staffers wanted to do something that would permanently remind them of the cause. So they did what any self-respecting Millennial would do, they got tattoos.

Instead of getting inked with Warren’s name or portrait, they went for something that was more of an inside thing, a “hex number.”

A hexadecimal number is a code used to represent a specific color, allowing anyone to match that color. Warren chose a mint green color, reminiscent of Cadillacs and oven doors in the 1950s, as the color of her campaign, and called it “liberty green.” The color does resemble that of the Statue of Liberty.

The hex number for the color is B7E4CF.

Two former Warren staffers, Eric Ziminsky Raquel Breternitz, had the number tattooed on their forearms and posted pictures of the new artwork on social media. They were immediately called out by everyone who’d ever taken a history class for getting tattoos that resemble the numbers tattooed on Jewish prisoners by the Nazis.

Ziminsky and Breternitz removed the posted pictures and then apologized.

There’s no reason to think the staffers were doing anything more than what they said, memorializing the Warren campaign. But it does raise the question of how two, seemingly educated people could do such a thing and never have the Holocaust cross their minds?

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