Some Walmart Customers Barely Wear Clothes, Now They Must Wear Masks

Giant retailer Walmart mandated face masks in all of its stores across the U.S. starting Wednesday, which brings up a bigger issue. Anyone who has spent more than five minutes in a Walmart or looked for Walmartians online (yes, it’s a thing), knows that some of what passes for clothing in the store shouldn’t be allowed in public. Beyond pajama pants and bikinis, some people wear faux fur chaps, animal suits, and underwear as they shop.  If Walmart can’t get customers to wear, you know, clothes, how will they get them to wear masks?

Walmart said about 65% of its over 5,000 U.S. stores, including its wholesale Sam’s Club outlets, are located in areas where there is already some form of government mandate on face coverings, so it decided to roll out the policy across all stores.

The move followed a similar mandate by Best Buy.

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Comments (4)


    Mask’s don’t work. If you did research you would see they are lying. If you can smell flatulence through your mask you can get covid while wearing it.

    • Glenn Shannon

      Wildbill you’re right as here in the bars and restaurants they all wore masks and it didn’t take long before they had to shut down as the servers were getting covid-19. It does however help those producing them employed.

  2. Sandy

    ALL these places of business..”NEED A DRESS CODE”!!!!!!! We shouldn’t have to subject our kids to the vulgarity that goes on!!! GROW UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!
    Ya want to be treated like humans…THEN ACT LIKE ONE!!!!!!!!!

  3. Keith Clark

    I just don’t go there any more. Take your ineffective can’t possibly work mask and shove it.

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