Uber Providing Free Rides to Walgreens for COVID Vaccinations… But Only for Some

Want to get vaccinated but can’t get a ride and don’t want to take the bus? Now there’s an alternative! But as with most things, there are conditions.

Walgreens and Uber Technologies Inc on Tuesday said they will team up to provide educational programs and free transportation to U.S. COVID-19 vaccine clinics to under-served communities and people in rural areas. So, it’s not available for everyone.

The companies said the program will roll out in the coming months, once more vaccines become available to the general public, and include free transportation to Walgreens stores and other vaccine clinics.

Patients who schedule a Walgreens vaccination appointment will receive an email offering them a pre-scheduled ride, with pilot transportation programs beginning in Chicago, Atlanta, Houston and El Paso, the companies said.

The efforts center on giving vaccine access to communities of color, who have shown higher rates of skepticism about the safety of vaccines, with many distrustful of government authorities and lacking access to healthcare services.

The program is meant to address an issue for the federal government; many in minority communities aren’t interested in getting the vaccination. If this doesn’t work, what’s next? House calls? Force?

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