Wait! What? Kanye West Already Dropped Out of Presidential Race… Or Did He?

Well, that was quick.

Apparently 10 days in the trenches was all it took for Kanye West to decide that the campaign trail wasn’t for him. Less than two weeks after tweeting that he was abandoning his old friend President Trump and running for the highest office himself, Mr. West is now bowing out.

West hasn’t formally announced he’s out of the race, but his election strategist Steve Kramer said that he’s out. Kramer said they had more than 180 people working on the campaign and were going through the steps to get West on ballots around the country.

In their effort to get enough signatures to get West on ballots, Kramer said:

“We had overwhelming support to get him on the ballot.”

It’s not clear that West had enough support to be more than a mention in the campaign, but he would have made the debates a lot more fun. And if he had won, he and his wife Kim Kardashian would have made an awesome-looking first couple.

On the heels of Kramer saying that West is out of the race, the campaign filed Form 1, the Statement of Organization, with the Federal Election Committee. The form shows that the Kanye 2020 committee will be the principal campaign committee and that they are operating under the “Birthday Party.”

Who knows, maybe he’ll stick around and add some fun after all.

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Comments (5)

  1. Gary Sugarman

    Kanye needs a “spokesperson”??

    • Susan

      What would he do if he won?

  2. John Strom

    Kayne West said he was running in 2024 NOT 2020. He SUPPORTS President Trump so why would he run against him?

  3. MamaD79

    LMAO, this was a joke in the first place. I’m sure there were only a few of his “fans” that took him seriously! Glad to hear this, put your time into something that makes sense Kanye, not something so LAUGHABLE!!! And just the “thought” of Kim Kardashian being first lady, is even more laughable! Brains, not “looks” makes a good first lady”

  4. Kass

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME ? does mr west know anything about running the biggest corporation in the world,the world leaders would have made minced meat out of him,besides we have the handsomest and smartest coulple in the White House right now


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