Wait… They Rioted Again in Portland? After the Feds Left? No Way!

We were told it was all because federal officers came to town to protect the Hatfield Federal Courthouse, which the Portland Police and Oregon State Police failed to do. Clearly federal officers posted there incited the rioters, looters, and arsonists to attack the building, never mind the inconvenient fact that the officers traveled to Portland in response to what was already happening.

But the mainstream media had its narrative, and they ran with it.

After nightly protests and calls from the Portland mayor and Oregon governor to leave, as well as assurances from both that the courthouse would be protected, the federal officers withdrew.

Now, for some unknown reason, the protesters are back! They made their way to the federal courthouse, launched commercial-grade fireworks at the building, and started fires. The Oregon State Police and Portland Police declared it a riot and the crowd moved to a nearby police precinct where they continued the onslaught. The authorities again declared it a riot, so the crowd went back to the federal courthouse… and set more fires, as well as threw fist-sized rocks, eggs, cans of paint, and other projectiles at police.

That’s when the authorities launched tear gas.

Hmm. Maybe, just maybe, the riots, vandalism and arson have nothing to do with federal officers at all. It could be that the perpetrators feel emboldened because they suffer no consequences. Just a thought.

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Comments (5)

  1. Chuck Simeone


  2. MB

    Oh behave…..slam the ANTIFA and Communists
    Cannot go soft on they
    They will Eat you all up!
    Use another form of re-education…FEMA educational system
    No one gets killed there

  3. Glenn Jacobs

    Police attempt to capture particular persons whom they have reason to believe did particular crimes.

    Soldiers, on the other hand, are not all that careful. They attempt to capture those they view as the enemy, and they don’t really mind if they shoot, kill, bayonet, burn or beat the enemy and anyone who is there. That includes the pizza-delivery man and, um, “the horse he rode in on.”

    Soldiers do not prosecute captives. They park them in Prisoner of War camps for the duration.

    When someone makes war on us, we might consider making war back on them.

    • Peter

      Just in case you were too blind to see it, the thugs, arsonists and looters HAVE declared war on civilized human beings, It’s as if Charlie Manson has reappeared to provoke “Helter Skelter”

  4. Jon James

    When are the media going to stop labelling these people as ‘protestors’, they are not. They are anarchists hell bent on destruction and even murder if they could get away with it. They have no cause they are there because they are bored, nasty people. Direct action needs to be taken against them.

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