Volunteers Sew Face Masks For Health Care Providers, And Companies Get In On The Act

From the U.S. to Spain, volunteers are answering the need for face masks in the health care industry.

Bill Purdue waterproofs basements for a living, but these days he’s spending his time at his friend Mike Rice’s auto trim and body shop working on something else. The pair are cutting out material and sewing face masks for local health care professionals.

Amid a global shortage of masks, volunteers around the U.S. and around the world are pitching in.

Briana Danyele, a fashion designer by trade, left Italy last month and now spends her days in her mother’s Greer South Carolina home sewing face masks.

The volunteers in Spain include nuns and members of the Spanish Air Force Paratroop school. In Kosovo, a group of inmates in a women’s prison volunteered to make masks.

The efforts aren’t limited to individuals.

In the U.S. Joann’s Fabric is making all 800 of its locations available for up to 10 people each to sew masks and hospital gowns. The company is offering sewing machines and supplies.

Spokeswoman Amanda Hayes said:

“We’re enabling people to feel like they are contributing at a time when we don’t have control.”

The company is also providing a fabulous public service.


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