Virus Lock Down Baby Boom? It Could Happen

Talk about not practicing social distancing.

Social experts and everyday people wonder if couples under shelter-in-place orders might spend a little time getting “reacquainted,” leading to a little baby boomlet in nine months or so. Condom sellers noted higher sales in other countries with quarantine efforts, and started to see higher sales in the U.S. in mid-March, fueling speculation that people were finding good ways to spend their time.

Dr. Kevin Kathrotia of Millennium Neonatology thinks it’s a sure thing. He said:

“It’s probably going to be the biggest baby boom we’ve seen. Anytime there’s the threat of a hurricane, there’s a little baby boom. … There’s going to be kids in nine months, I can assure you.”

Television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz thinks suggests that such activity will help your state of mind as well. He told TMZ:

“You’ll live longer, get rid of the tension. … Maybe you’ll make some babies.”

This could be a silver lining of the virus pandemic, as many countries, including the U.S., suffer from birth rates so low that they aren’t having enough babies to sustain their populations. Eventually this leads to the situation in Japan, which has experienced a declining population every year for more than a decade, with no end in sight.

So, if you can, try to make your shelter-in-place time a bit more like Sex in the City, and less like All in the Family.  Even if having chiildren isn’t in the cards, it’s still a great way to get “reacquainted” with your significant other.

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