Virginia Democrats Face Quandry, Keep Power or Principles?

First it was a picture from the ’80s that included blackface and a KKK costume.  Then it was an admission of using blackface in the ’80s. Then it was a sexual assault scandal, and now it’s another admission of blackface decades ago.  These are the issues dogging the top leadership in the state of Virginia, and the problem for the Democratic party.

Do they stand behind the governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general, or do they demand resignations from them all and take the hit to their reputation which might lift their rivals?

If all three step aside, the next in line to be governor is the Republican House speaker.

“This has been a complete debacle,” said Virginia-based Democratic strategist Ben Tribbett, who said the early surge of Democratic calls for Governor Northam’s resignation were made out of confidence that a Democrat would replace him.

Now, he said, many Democrats are reconsidering.


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