Uproar Over New Movie “The Hunt” Misses The Point… The Underdogs Win

Universal produced a new movie, “The Hunt,” which plays on the old theme of people hunting other people for sport.  The flick was set to arrive in theaters in September, but marketing was rolling this month when gunmen killed people in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

In the aftermath of the shootings, different news organizations latched onto “The Hunt” as a sad commentary on society because it shows elitists, presumably Democrats, hunting people from the South and West, presumably Republicans.

From the previews, that appears to be the set up, but there’s more to it.

Eventually, the hunted become the hunters, and take the fight to the elites. If people were truly upset by the notion of elitists hunting average Americans, then they should be thrilled with the way the plot presumably unfolds.

It’s another case of pundits and the mainstream media taking something that might be tasteless or even worthless, and making it into a divisive event or message.  It’s a movie.  If they don’t like it, they shouldn’t see it.

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