Unnecessary Research: We’re Bothered Less When Attractive People Make Sexual Advances

woman with alluring eyes

In another study that statistically proves what some have called blinding glimpses of the obvious, researchers Lisa Klumper and Sascha Schwarz have just published a work in the journal Evolutionary Psychological Science showing that we’re biased toward attractive people.

Whether they be attractive in general or sexually attractive, both men and women are less disturbed when such people make sexual advances than we when advances are made by less attractive people.

Could it be that we’re flattered, if not interested, particularly if we perceive those people as a step or two above us on the attractive scale?

In another piece of research that seems obvious, the authors also report that, in general, men aren’t nearly as bothered as women by sexual advances.

One piece of the research was of note, the authors found that the further up the socioeconomic scale people go, the less they are bothered by such advances.

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  1. Really crazy info1 ! In my generation, any sexual advances were considered insulting and disrespectful, and I believe rightly so! !Attractiveness and or unattractiveness mattered not at all because as soon as sexual advances occurred, the person doing such would automatically beperceived as either just very possibly immoral and or possibly dangerous. For all girls in my generation, the most attractive attributes in a boy were intellibence , good manners, and self control. We had no interest whatsoever in a disrespectful and or rude boy no matter how good looking he might appear.Attractiveness is great. However, demeanor, personality, and perceived character were much more important to us. We were attractedto and friendly to only boye who had self respect and respect for us.No boy I knew as a girl would have dared make any sexual advance to me. He would have known that if he did, i would be shocked and frightened; also he would have been afraid of my daddy.It is impossible for people of my generatio to understand such comments as you have made. Physical attractiveness ,logically, should have no impact on whether we would accept disrespect. What kind of country do we now live in? May God have mercy!

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