COVID-19 Is Still a Thing; Can’t Go To Europe and Deaths on the Rise

It’s summertime. Temperatures in the Southern U.S. are reaching the century mark and we’re starting to hear about mosquitoes with West Nile Virus. Many Americans are thinking of getting away, especially after more than two months of lockdown. We want to see something other than the inside of our homes.

But if you were considering, or have already booked, a trip to Paris or Rome, you might want to double-check as the dates get closer. So far, most European countries aren’t open to tourists as government officials worry about the spread of COVID-19. While most countries in the European Community expect to open to tourists this month, they are limiting that invitation to just citizens from other EU nations. Those who want to visit from other countries, especially from the hard-hit U.S., are persona non grata this year.

If you’re considering a road trip instead, make sure to check on your destination. National parks and other attractions are likely to have visitation limits and way too many visitors trying to get in.

As for the virus itself, it hasn’t been beaten or conquered, it just fell off the front page as protests over George Floyd’s murder took priority and Americans turned to the economic reopening of the country. More than 100,000 Americans have perished, and researchers at the University of Washington estimate that 145,728 people could die of COVID-19 by August.

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