Union Finds Washington Post Pays Women and Minorities Less

For a left-leaning organization, this might be hard to take.

The Washington Post Guild, which covers the workers at the lead newspaper in the nation’s capital, found that the paper pays women less than men, and pays minorities less than white workers.

The differences change, and sometimes women make more than men, in certain circumstances, but controlling for age and experience, the union claims the paper simply pays men and white people more.

In the newsroom, the difference in pay between the sexes is most pronounced for those under 40 years old.

Also, men get more merit raises.

To fix the issue, the union offers several recommendations, including:

…we also recommend that The Post hire an equity, diversity and inclusion chair/consultant and form a diversity committee.

They might look to the University of Michigan for some prospective employees. That institution just disbanded its Bias Response Team.

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