End of the UK? Scotland Wants to Vote on Separating, British Prime Minister Says ‘No!’

Apparently Brexit is good for me, but not for thee.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson rode the Brexit issue to power, promising to follow through on the will of the people to separate the United Kingdom from the European Union, no matter how messy it gets.  Johnson was re-elected in a landslide, showing that the citizens support him and his efforts to break free of the continent.

But not everyone is happy.  The United Kingdom includes Britain, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and a few small areas like Gibraltar.  The break from the EU will hurt the Scots and most likely the Northern Irish. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon formally asked British Prime Minister Johnson for permission to hold a referendum on breaking away from the U.K., which would allow Scotland to pursue membership in the EU.  The Scots held such a vote in 2014 and it narrowly failed.

Johnson’s response was clear:

“I cannot agree to any request for a transfer of power that would lead to further independence referendums.  Another independence referendum would continue the political stagnation that Scotland has seen for the last decade … it is time that we all worked to bring the whole of the United Kingdom together.”

It’s interesting that Johnson bristles at the notion of answering to an administrative body in another country when it comes to the EU, but sees the value in the scheme when it’s the U.K. presiding over Scotland.

This is most likely the beginning of the end for the U.K., as both Scotland and Northern Ireland eventually break from the Kingdom.

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