UK Election Today: Brexit Hangs in the Balance

While Americans have been watching, avoiding, scoffing at, or encouraging the impeachment proceedings against President Trump, the Brits have been gearing up for the latest election, which is seen as a referendum on Britain leaving the European Union, or Brexit.

Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the Tory party wants to leave the union as soon as possible, which could mean the end of January.  His Labour Party opponent, Jeremy Corbyn, who favors socialist programs, doesn’t agree with Brexit.

The Conservatives held an almost 10-point lead, but that’s narrowed to just 5 points, with just 41% favoring the Conservatives and 36% supporting the Tories.  The lack of a majority could lead to a hung parliament, which would be yet another setback in the country’s quest to leave the EU.

Polling company Savanta ComRes said:

“These results indicate that this election is simply too close to call, with almost one in five who say they could possibly still change their mind and we could just as plausibly see a healthy Conservative majority as a hung parliament.”

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