Now You Can Virtue-Signal When Hailing a Ride; Uber Expands ‘Green Trip’ to More than 1,400 Cities


People show off in lots of ways, like wearing designer clothes and buying big houses.

And it turns out, they even “virtue-signal,” showing their righteous caring about the environment and other causes by doing things like promoting the fact that they drive electric vehicles or only eat free-range chickens that were fed naturally-grown grain.

Now people can show their environmental chops another way, by hailing an Uber “green trip.” 

The ride-hailing company announced that it is expanding its electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid ride option to more than 1,400 cities in North America, allowing customers to specify that they want to be seen in, er, be picked up by, an EV or hybrid.

Maybe the company can use the time that people spend in such cars to explain how the battery components are mined and what happens to the batteries when they are exhausted.

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