UAE and Israel Allow Travel with No Visas, UAE Citizens Allowed to Stay in Israel for 90 Days

The Middle East deal that many decried as a “sideshow” continues to get better.

Several days ago the United Arab Emirates and Israel announced a several-point agreement that included reducing travel restrictions and obstacles. The two countries will now allow citizens to move between the two countries without visas.

And it’s getting better.

The two countries just announced that UAE citizens can remain in Israel for up to 90 days on a single visit without a visa, which should dramatically increase the business cooperation between the two nations.

The Palestinians aren’t happy, since their grievances weren’t addressed in the deal. It looks like peace might actually break out in the Middle East, no matter how hard the PLA and Hamas try to stop it. This can only be a good thing as so many nations in the region contemplate a future without growing oil demand.

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