U.S. Charges WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange with Espionage

Along with thousands of other documents, Assange published classified diplomatic cables that put Americans in danger, ruined some of their lives, and ended many careers.

Now, the U.S. wants to hold the WikiLeaks founder accountable.

After years in self-exile in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, Assange is in British custody after the Equadoreans kicked him out for bad behavior.

Now the U.S. Justice Department has unveiled 17 criminal charges, accusing him of unlawfully publishing the names of classified sources and conspiring and assisting ex-Army intelligence analyst Bradley (who since that time has changed to Chelsea) Manning in obtaining access to classified information.

The superseding indictment comes a little more than a month after the Justice Department unsealed a narrower criminal case against Assange. He was charged with conspiring with Manning to gain access to a government computer as part of a 2010 leak by WikiLeaks of hundreds of thousands of U.S. military reports about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Comments (1)

  1. bobbi.p

    Assange is not an American citizen. Don’t see how he gets charged. Chelsea Manning on the other hand is an American citizen and is fully responsible for being a traitor to America.

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