U.S. Supreme Court To Congress: You Can’t Have Trump’s Tax Returns… Yet

The Supreme Court didn’t reject Congress, they just put it off for a bit.

A lower court put a hold on requiring the president’s longtime accounting firm handing his taxes to a House committee.  On Monday, the Supreme Court extended that hold, giving the president another week or so to file an appeal. If Trump files, and the court takes up the appeal, then the records will remain where they are until the Supreme Court issues a ruling.

The case represents an important showdown pitting the powers of the presidency against the authority of Congress, with Trump fighting doggedly to keep details of this finances private even as he faces an impeachment inquiry in the House.

This isn’t the only case pending in which authorities are trying to unveil the president’s taxes.  Local prosecutors in New York have demanded his returns from 2011 through 2018 as part of a criminal case.  That case is already on appeal to the Supreme Court, which hasn’t responded as to whether or not it will take the case.

The fight over Trump’s financial records is part of a larger struggle between the president and the Democrats who control the House and have launched numerous investigations – including an impeachment inquiry – into his conduct and various actions by his administration.

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