Another One Out: Kamala Harris Calls It Quits On Nomination Bid

A campaign source reported that Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), will end her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Harris had positioned herself as a unifying candidate who could energize the party’s base of young, diverse progressives while also appealing to more moderate voters.  She leveraged her experience as a prosecutor to appeal to law and order voters, while also championing progressive policies.

She scored points against front runner Joe Biden in the first debates on the subject of busing.  When he was a young Senator, Joe Biden voted against mandatory federal busing, preferring to let local districts develop their programs.  In the debate, Kamala Harris proclaimed that she was a product of busing and that it works.

She climbed in the polls after that debate, eventually reaching double digits, but has since given up ground and run short of campaign cash.

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