McConnell Calls the Election for Biden

After electors around the country from the electoral college cast their ballots on Tuesday, with Joe Biden capturing 306 votes and President Trump picking up 236, Republicans have been acknowledging that Joe Biden is the president-elect.

On Tuesday, the highest-ranking Republican behind President Trump and Vice President Pence, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, congratulated Biden and Vice President-elect- Kamala Harris on their victories.

The move marks the end of support for President Trump’s lawsuits in many states challenging the results. So far, all of the lawsuits that have resolved have been decided against Trump.

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Comments (15)

  1. Linda

    He is nothing but a wishie washie sack of poo. Most of the republicans have no backbone or courage to stand up and fight for what is right. Girlie Men.

  2. victor vegas

    Unfortunately even with criminalistics evidence of election fraud at several states, “pragmatism” succeeded one more time.

  3. Hugh

    We stood behind you Senator McConnell and expect you do the same for President Trump!!!!

  4. Disgusted Elder

    I am finally fed up with the RINO poseurs that fail to aggressively support,and FIGHT FOR President Trump. When the elections come up in Florida,I will keep the “R” on my name, but all you McConnel /Scott/Rubio/Lee/,Cornyn,/Collins{Maine]/etc. will never see a dollar,or anything but my active resistance to their next election. You backstabbing RINOs make me want tn vomit on you!! W.A. Baros Sr.

  5. pat gee

    just bs, fake polls, fake news i still think biden is a commie and plans to change the US. want the Republicans to get a handle on this and fight on. i

    • Eijebong

      Gee Pat,
      It is truly remarkable how ‘abundant’ all of your so-called BS and Fakery appears to be.
      I suggest you stand back, take a deep breath and start to review what is happening around you ‘objectively’.
      Identifying political “BS”, “Fake”, etcetera, can be [relatively] easily sifted through. Given you are educated, apply this skill. All you have to do is actually find ‘informed’ materials from ‘reliable’ sources.
      Assuming you are able to achieve this, I have what could be identified as a ‘crazy notion’, that you will actually learn something that will result in you truly understanding what is going on, rather than be another misinformed untrained ‘parrot’.
      —You’re Welcome

  6. Lou Bonin

    I have changed to Independent and got rid of the RINO party. They are losers and don’t know how to win, just how to “lose gracefully”.
    We need a conservative party and dump these losers.

  7. KDC

    “Republicans have been acknowledging that Joe Biden is the president-elect.”…Republicans are worthless! Especially when Mitch throws in the towel, and calls it before all is done. Exactly what have the Republicans done in the last four years? Practically nothing. We need more Jim Jordans. People you can trust and will stand for justice. He’s a true Patriot!

  8. Steve

    Finally some Republicans are courageous enough to stop blindly following the hate-filled tirades of their beloved would-be dictator. Donald the Lyin’ King never governed for the nation, he only governed for his followers and even more for himself.
    Still too many GOP members have degraded from respectable Republicans to miserable Trumpians…

  9. Troy

    All premature
    Still many legal cases pending
    Plus the only authority is God
    God has Trump wins

    • Eijebong

      Which part of the recurring theme by Courts ‘across the political spectrum’ that there is “no credible or reliable evidence” proving voter fraud, did you miss?
      You do know there have been over 50 of these…Court bias? I think not.

    • Eijebong

      Actually, there ‘are’ no more legal [Court] cases pending.
      Certificates of Attainment deadline was December 14.
      On the religious side, Trump’s “Hail Mary” on January 6, 2021 will be for Congress to overturn the vote. Sorry to you; not going to happen.
      To fully understand why Trump will not achieve a second term as President, I suggest you now take the time to research, read and digest materials from ‘informed sources’.
      In reality, “Ignorance is ‘not’ bliss”.

  10. Eijebong

    Congratulations America…you are now the laughing stock of the whole free world.
    Incredibly, 74 million Americans actually voted for ‘The Donald’ compared to 81 million for Biden.
    Even the recognition by the ‘Umpire’ of the ‘Umpires’ is apparently insufficient for millions of Americans to accept the fact that The Donald ‘lost’ the election. Really…So many people at that dumb?!
    According to The Donald, the ‘highest’ Federal and State Courts are corrupt and conspiring. The CIA, FBI, electoral commissioner’s, are also part of some nefarious conspiracy arena. Seriously?!
    It truly amazes me the desperate attempts made by The Donald to cling to power. All he now has left is his ‘Hail Mary’ for Congress to overturn ‘The People’ and the Electoral College’ votes. This is the action of the [soon-not-to-be leader] of the free world?! Wow!!!
    To give him some credit, he has been able to create a ‘divisive’ America. A feat I think has never been achieved by any other American President in history. I strongly suspect History will identify his term as ‘the worst’ in American politics.
    The Donald only has to preface the word ‘Fake’ with anything that goes against Him, to enable chaos and confusion to reign supreme. Again, a job ‘exceptionally’ well done!
    I recommend that people research and read ‘informed sources’ to help them understand what happened and why The Donald’s attitude and antics are tearing the county apart. (Ridiculous tirades of references to ‘Commies’ taking over America give me an especially good laugh! What century do these people live in?)
    “Wake up America”. Acknowledging that you made a big mistake in electing this ‘loser’ being the first step.
    Put on your ‘big girl/boy pants’ and actually work towards ‘Making America Great’.

  11. Patty

    Well, if the left thinks we patriots will roll over and “ play dead”, think again! We will not! We will fight for what is right for ALL Americans, not the “ elite few”, who think they have the right to control every aspect of our lives! The demonrats have no idea of how to “ lead” a country, they want to run the country into the ground, bring in their commie/ socialist government and make us all subservient to them. If you are ok with that, something is seriously wrong with your thinking! We are a free nation, and we must stay that way!

  12. Frances

    True colors now exposed for our citizens to see and remember. This moment in history was an eye openers to the Nation and the World. Corruption at the highest level. Welcome to ONE WORLD ORDER. Foolish people – those not remembering history are doomed to repeat it. God help us all.

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