Senate Democrats Publish $400 Billion Annual Spending Plan for Climate Change

The Democrats in the Senate don’t get a lot of love. As the minority party, they can’t bring anything to the floor without getting approval from Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who isn’t likely to let them have the podium. So when the Senate Democrats unveil an initiative, it’s more for show than anything else, because it doesn’t have a future… today.

If the Democrats win big in November, then they might take the Senate and White House, and begin implementing some of the policies they are announcing today, which is why people should take note that the Senate Democrats just unveiled a $400 billion per year climate change plan that aims to end fossil fuel use in the U.S. by 2050.

Somewhere Elon Musk must be grinning from ear-to-ear, because the plan calls for accelerating wind and solar energy deployment, public investment in electric vehicle infrastructure and incentives, and funding public transit. Much of this would be aimed at electric vehicles which, so far, have not shown they can turn a profit. Musk makes his small return by selling zero-emission credits to other manufacturers.

The Senate Democrats claim their plan would create at least 10 million jobs in areas like clean energy manufacturing and research and development for new technologies, but it will also put many in the energy sector out of work.

The report claimed the high price tag, 2% of U.S. GDP, is justified because the economic disruption by changing temperatures would be far more expensive, although there’s no analysis showing how that would work.


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Comments (3)

  1. Winthrop Aldrich

    Just like a dumb O crap, they never think anything through before they stumble and fall on their funny faces! It really doesn’t matter what the majority of people in this country think about their stupid plan, they will do it anyway because they for the most part are just dumb asses!! Especially Nancy Pelosi, you know the paper shredding machine when she stands behind the President of the United States!!!!

  2. Billy Wilson

    If they want it so bad ,let them fund it not the little guy, total bunch of crap.

  3. Howard

    All Schumer ever does is demand something to make his rich liberals Richer because it gets funneled back to make him richer. him and all of those shitty Democrats know is Investigate investigate Pelosi’s Shifty swawell . Schumer loves the Communist bunch of squad. he should be in the worst prison the most one with all the people problems he seems to like our country being looted and burned down that’s not climate change . vote these dummy out i
    he threaten our Supreme court judges that the worst crime i beg you write your congressman and senators to hold him accountable he is not above the law like he thinks he is

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