Congressional Panel Debates Boondoggle, er, Infrastructure, Bill

You’d think we learned from 2009 that nothing involving the government in the U.S. is “shovel ready.”

But here we go again.

A U.S. House of Representatives panel is discussing a Democratic plan to dramatically increase infrastructure spending by almost $500 billion to fix crumbling roads and highways. Oh yeah, and to reduce carbon pollution.

The five-year plan calls for spending $319 billion to fix 47,000 structurally deficient bridges and make other repairs, plus $105 billion for mass transit, and build electric vehicle charging stations while investing nearly $30 billion in passenger railroad Amtrak and rail infrastructure.

So the plan is to throw almost one-third of a trillion dollars at projects that will be hung up by state and local permitting and union issues, while gifting more than $100 billion to money-losing mass transit, and then building charging stations that give wealthy Tesla owners free or cheap power, and topping it off with more money for the black hole of transportation also known as Amtrak.


If the entire thing sounds like a step in the wrong direction by a Democrat-led committee, don’t worry, President Trump has a counter-proposal.  Instead of half a trillion dollars, the White House is expected to propose a plan that will top $1 trillion, but at least they think it will take 10 years to spend the money.

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