U.S. Healthcare Not So Bad?

If a new Gallop poll is correct, Americans are softening their dislike for the U.S. healthcare system.

Except for a period right after 9/11 in 2001, the latest views on the healthcare system are the least negative since Gallop began polling the question in 1994.  Just 63% say that the system either has major problems (49%) or is in a state of crisis (14%).

Almost two-thirds might sound like a lot, but the percentage of the nation responding that way was above 70% for most of the last decade.

The flip side is also true.  The number of Americans responding that the healthcare system has either minimal problems or no problems climbed to its highest level, 37%, since the brief blip in 2001.

It could be that we’re growing to love, or at least not hate, the behemoth that is our healthcare system, or it could be that all the talk of replacing it has us quite worried about what we’d get as an alternative.


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Comments (1)

  1. Alice Cokefair

    The American Healthcare system was dealt a tremendous blow under Obama, it has not and will not recover under current rules. The ACA made huge changes, including putting ALL our personal healthcare records out in the ether, for the purpose of giving it to the government to control us, it certainly doesn’t assist the citizens in ANY way. Yes, your healthcare records are now on online, NO they will not appear at any facility to you go to seek care, until you fill out the same myriad of requests as before the ACA. Only the risks have increased, not the benefits. And speaking of risks, the ACA did more to place unqualified healthcare providers into our system than ever before. Medical errors are up, and quality of care is down. Basically the same thing the Obama presidency did for the entire country- jobs, education, finance, it all went down like a runaway train. Thank God for President Trump and his efforts to reverse the downward spiral of Obama’s incompetence.

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