Wednesday Is Impeachment D-Day

It’s not the final battle of the impeachment “war,” which will occur in the Senate at some point, but it is a major step in the process.  On Wednesday, the Democrat-controlled Judiciary Committee in the House of Representatives will hold a hearing to explain to the public what constitutes an impeachable offense.

The committee will also receive a written report from the House Intelligence Committee that lays out the evidence against the president.

Four legal scholars will testify in front of the Judiciary Committee on what constitutional basis a U.S. president can be removed from office.

President Trump was not happy when he heard the new developments.  The White House sent a scathing letter to Congressional Democrats explaining why the president and his lawyers won’t be part of Wednesday’s hearing.  But Trump still has time to change his mind.  The committee gave the president until Friday at 5:00pm to decide if he’s going to rebut the claims made in the written report by calling and introducing evidence.

No one thinks anything the President, or other witnesses for that matter, says or does will change the course of events.  The Democrats in the House appear set on impeachment, which will push the process to a trial in the Senate, where the President has much greater leeway to make his case.

Republican Representative Tom Cole said:

“We’re on an exercise with a very predictable outcome and one that’s going to divide the country further. It’ll be a live issue through the election itself, and the American people will make the final determination.”

Democratic aides said a vote on possible articles of impeachment would follow quickly on the heels of an evidentiary hearing.

For the American public, the vote in the House and then the trial in the Senate can’t happen fast enough.

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