Hmm… Maybe U.S. COVID-19 Death Toll Is HIGHER Than We Were Told

Well this doesn’t give you a warm, fuzzy feeling.

It’s possible that more Americans than we were told, not fewer, died from COVID-19 in the dark days between March and May, and not by a little bit. A study published Wednesday found that discrepancies in state reporting likely undercounted the fatality rate.

The official COVID-19 death toll during the period was 95,235, while the National Center for Health Statistics reported that America suffered 122,300 more deaths during that time than the historical average. If we attribute all the extra deaths to the disease, then it would mean we under-counted by 28%.

If not, we have to figure out what caused the extra deaths, and that’s not easy. It’s possible that many COVID-19 deaths were listed simply as due to pneumonia because so many occurred in nursing homes where pneumonia is a common cause of death.

Daniel Weinberger, the study’s lead author from the Yale School of Public Health, said:

“Determining the cause of death on a death certificate is not an exact science.  It is possible that someone who had COVID-19 and that triggered pneumonia might have pneumonia listed as the cause of death. Whereas another jurisdiction might have COVID as the cause. The coding for what a person died from can vary a lot from person to person and jurisdiction to jurisdiction.”

Much of it might have to do with the availability of testing for the new disease. Without widespread testing available, there was no way to pinpoint COVID-19 as the cause.

Other studies have found that coronavirus fears kept people with symptoms of heart attack or stroke away from emergency rooms, possibly contributing to increased deaths, and then there are ancillary causes such as suicide and drug overdose triggered by depression following unemployment.

Weinberger said:

“You can certainly see that things like heart attacks and strokes and people dying with primary cause as Alzheimer’s Disease have gone up.  But when you look at the magnitude it is still smaller than coronavirus deaths.”

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Comments (5)

  1. Ben Heerey

    Unsubstantiated reasoning is typical of simple minds with an agenda. Until you have the accurate data, (which you will probably never get because that would expose who is benefiting politically and monetarily) all you are really doing is trying to distort the truth.

    • Ben Heerey

      The truth cannot be moderated

  2. Robert M Liu

    Well, it depends on which news network you watch. If you watch CNN, you are sure to be surrounded by Covid 19 deaths, and you’d better stay at home in order to stay alive. During a recent BBC Hardtalk interview, well-known British actor Brian Cox complained, “There is a lot of hanky-panky going on, and I don’t like it.” He was referring to the coverage of the Covid 19 pandemic. I would say that I share Mr. Cox’s scepticism. The simple fact is that the mortality rate of Covid 19 is not as high as it was originally made out to be. This virus is somewhat more dangerous than influenza and common cold but is not as deadly as it was first made out to be. Now that there are so many cases of Covid 19 walking around well and alive, we may safely regard it as a common virus that we can very well live with for the rest of lives, provided that we switch off the TV!

  3. Petals

    Is it true that the Hospital Medical Establishment gets an extra $19,000. for a Covid-19 diagnosis, or Covid ventilator death, from the U.S. government? On top of their normal hospital fees? I have read that very few people put on a ventilator make it out alive. Not sure if this applies to the nursing home population or not. Or do I just have a ‘simple mind’ that just reads too much? You tell me. I don’t have any agenda, but I would love to have the truth about all this Covid-19 stuff, and the resulting carnage to our economies, personal finance, mental health, not to mention the deaths of our elderly population. 20 years ago my brother and I would discuss different ways for our government to get rid of our elderly, because we were such a drag on the economy and budget, and how it would all get worse as more and more people chose to retire, becoming more of a drag. Well, the Covid is working pretty good. I can’t even fathom how much money the U.S. is saving via Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security that they will not have to pay out because of how many elderly are dying, or have died from Covid. Oh, my, how disgusting, morbid, or macabre all this stuff is. How heartless are the people in charge?…..But try to remember this also….We are not hearing a thing about the normal annual death rate from the ‘regular’ flu, whatever ‘regular’ means.

    • Edith Wenzel

      If they don’t make it out alive after going on a ventilator is because a ventilator is a horrific machine that has to be forced down ones throat. Had a nephew on it who eventually got taken off life support and when they tried to take it out he suffered terribly just like he did
      when they put it down. There has to be a better way.

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