U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Over 40,000; Some States See Declining Infections

Deaths related to the coronavirus pandemic are a lagging indicator, which is why the U.S. is recording fewer infections, with 29,000 new cases reported on Sunday, and yet higher deaths.  We crossed a grim milestone Sunday with more than 40,000 dead, the highest in the world by far, a full 100% more than the next-highest death toll in Italy.

It took the United States 38 days after recording its first fatality on Feb. 29 to reach 10,000 deaths on April 6, but only five more days to reach 20,000 dead, according to a Reuters tally. The United States’ toll increased to 40,000 from 30,000 in four days after including untested but probable COVID-19 deaths reported by New York City.

We now have three-quarters of a million infections.

Ohio, Texas, and Florida are taking steps to open their economies. Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that state parks will open on Monday, and Jacksonville, Florida opened its beaches last Friday evening.

The region of Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. is still seeing increasing cases. New Jersey reported on Sunday that its new cases rose by nearly 3,900, the most in more than two weeks. Boston and Chicago are also emerging hot spots with recent surges in cases and deaths.

But with 22 million people filing for unemployment over the last month, Americans are growing anxious to get back to work, and millions of parents locked up with their kids would love to get some space.

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  1. Annette Lemieux

    My husband and I both feel that going out in public is a death sentence. I am immune compromised from Cancer and I have gotten seriously sick in the past from exposure to other sick people. I cannot afford to take the chance of being exposed to Covid-19. We live in Florida and feel very vunerable as our Governor opens our state. There has been an increase in cases and deaths since Monday, when we opened the beaches and businesses. We are leaving for our home state in NH, where there are only 2 cases in the county we live in and no deaths. We have been informed by the NH Governor that we need to quarantine for two weeks and will gladly do so to be safe.

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