We’re Opening the Door to Asylum Seekers, and Thousands More Are Waiting Behind Them

President Trump did his best to clamp down on all forms of immigration to the U.S., both legal and illegal. There’s nothing illegal about presenting yourself at the U.S. border and claiming asylum, which by law the U.S. must then adjudicate the claim in court.

Before Trump, the federal government would release asylum seekers in the U.S. and give them a court date, which could be years in the future. Trump required asylum seekers to wait in Mexico until their court date arrived.

The Biden administration is reversing that policy.

President Joe Biden pledged while campaigning to immediately rescind the Trump policy, known as the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP). Under the program, more than 65,000 non-Mexican asylum seekers were denied entry and sent back across the border pending court hearings. Most returned home but some stayed in Mexico in sometimes squalid or dangerous conditions, vulnerable to kidnapping and other violence.

Now they will be allowed into the United States to wait for their applications to be heard in immigration courts. The effort will start slowly, with only a limited numbers of people being admitted on Friday at the port of entry in San Ysidro, California.

It will expand to two additional ports of entry in Texas, including one near a migrant encampment in Matamoros, Mexico, in the coming week, according to a U.S. Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman.

The administration estimates that only 25,000 people out of the more than 65,000 enrolled in MPP still have active immigration court cases and is set to begin processing that group on Friday. But it has cautioned that the efforts will take time.

The Biden administration is treading carefully, wary that the policy shift could encourage more migrants to trek to the U.S.-Mexico border. U.S. officials say anyone who seeks to enter and is not a member of the MPP program will be immediately expelled.

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Comments (6)

  1. David Flora

    President Trump made policies to protect American workers/citizens. Now,Biden is busy reversing these policies, partly out of his hatred for Trump. Joe Biden’s policies are NOT GOOD FOR AMERICA!

  2. James Guess

    Many people believed Trump was insane and voted for Biden. By allowing all of these foreign interlopers to invade our country unabated where we taxpayers will have to support them and their progeny for the rest of their lives while they continue to breed like jackrabbits only shows that Biden is crazier than Trump. It appears our civilization is doomed by a combination of ignorant and worthless politicians, foreign interlopers and last but not least, promiscuous jackrabbits.

  3. J. R.

    Please send Biden to Russia or some other foreign country He is destroying the U. S. with his liberal agenda. Also send Pelosio (mispelled)
    and the rest of the Demons.

  4. Marie Saqueton

    Biden’s catch and release, is same as Obama’s and we all know that they never even appear on their court date because they are not qualified as asylum seekers in need of protection from their own country. They just want a better life here and a good future for their children. Nothing wrong with that if they would just come in legally and be vetted. For the meantime, they travel all over and find some work mostly in agriculture, construction, warehousing, housemaid and fast food stores. In doing so, they take most of the jobs that our blue collar workers need, so our people are forced to go on Welfare, which then exacerbates the budget of every State, which is then is passed on to tax payers and homeowners, like what is done in California. Trump’s policy was great, because they can wait outside the border while they are processed and at least vetted for any communicable diseases, like BLOOD FLU that took thousands dead at the Mexican border. They said the smell of dead bodies awaiting identification for their families, was so bad that it could be felt miles away. Of course the corrupt MSM will never write about any of this which I got from the unbiased news sources in the internet. The Democrat’s open border is TREASON to the American people, because they violate their OATH OF OFFICE of protecting our security not just from wars but also from the DRUG CARTELS & in pandemic diseases.

  5. Joi Juaire-Darfler

    This is “not good for America”!?? This IS America’s values.
    Need I remind everyone that our country and it’s constitution was grounded on accepting the poor who were seeking freedoms and a better life from (non-continental) European countries?
    I am certain that there is enough low-paying jobs for everyone, the jobs most Americans are not willing to do.
    Were your immigrating ancestors concerned with diseases they brought to Native Americans, and each other?

  6. Stephany Vinci

    This is criminal that democrat are letting illegals into our country . What happened to COVID! Where the concern for the American people and our safety as you build a wall around our capital. It doesn’t belong to you it belongs to the American people . Take care of our homeless our children that our hungry our Vets. Stop giving money to foreign country’s . Take care of AMERICANS. Bring back out JOBS you signed away .

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