UN Wants US to Lift Cuba Embargo: Why Not Ask Cuba To End Human Rights Abuse?

If you live in Cuba, you’re not allowed to leave the country. You must rely on the government for food and healthcare, and you cannot freely express yourself. If you run afoul of the rules, you risk imprisonment or worse, often without a trial.

But, according to the U.N., the U.S. is the problem.

Human rights experts at the U.N. urged the Trump administration to lift the U.S. financial and economic embargo on Cuba, saying it limited the Communist-ruled island’s ability to fight the coronavirus pandemic and save lives, claiming the embargo hampered humanitarian aid to the country, which could cause widespread suffering.

The experts said in the statement:

“In the pandemic emergency, the lack of will of the U.S. government to suspend sanctions may lead to a higher risk of such suffering in Cuba and other countries targeted by its sanctions.  We are particularly concerned about the risks to the right to life, health and other critical rights of the most vulnerable sections of the Cuban population.”

If they were so interested, why weren’t they beating on Cuba for the past 60 years to end human rights abuses and the suffering of the population?

Under President Donald Trump, the United States has tightened its decades-old U.S. trade embargo on Cuba in a renewed attempt to force the one-party system to reform. But Washington has faced calls to ease U.S. sanctions on Iran, Venezuela and other countries during the coronavirus outbreak.

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  1. Eije

    You do know that health care in Cuba is ‘free’…don’t you? And, life expectancy is 72.5 compared to 71.9 in USA. 2020 healthcare world ranking is 37th compared to USA at 39th.
    Just saying…

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