No More ‘Pillow Talk’; Twitter Permanently Bans ‘My Pillow’ Maker Lindell

You’ve seen him on late-night and daytime television, and perhaps even in cameo roles in movies and at conservative political events. He’s Mike Lindell, and he developed the “My Pillow,” which promises a great night of sleep.

But now there’s one place you won’t hear from Lindell anymore, Twitter. The social media platform permanently suspended his account for repeated violations of the company’s policy on election misinformation, the social media firm said late on Monday.

Lindell, a devout supporter of former U.S. President Donald Trump, financed post-election protest movements in a bid to overturn the election win of President Joe Biden.

Lindell repeatedly violated the company’s civic integrity policy, due to which he was suspended, a Twitter spokesperson said in an emailed statement. Twitter had permanently suspended Trump from its platform earlier this month.

A self-described former cocaine addict and alcoholic who says he found sobriety through Christianity, Lindell helped sponsor a two-week March for Trump bus tour that ended in Washington on Dec. 14 and spoke at five stops.

He told Reuters a fortnight ago that he did not help finance subsequent trips to promote the Jan. 6 rally that devolved into riots as supporters of Trump stormed through the U.S. Capitol.

But the Capitol riots that left five people dead, did not change his views on contesting the election.

“I’m never letting the fraud go,” Lindell told Reuters then.

My Pillow did not respond to Reuters’ request for comment on Twitter’s suspension of Lindell’s account.

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Comments (13)

  1. Patricia Hefferan RN MA FCN (Faith Community Nurse)

    May God bless you, Mike. You are an inspiration to all Christians as you put the love of Christ into action. And oh yes, we have your My Pillows. We must never give up or give in as we fight corruption and genuine evil.

  2. Roberta Gorman

    Going to buy My Pillow sheet and pillows. The man has integrity.

  3. Patricia A Williams

    And this is suppose to be America? I think not. This is only the beginning of our rights taken away from us until we become a communist country.

  4. Billy Wilson

    This social sight is run by a do as I say or I will ban you . I feel this illegal for them to do this because of polatics. The start of a communist take over of the country. I got mine screw you seems to be their attitude.

  5. miss maggie

    Nice to know that our country is being run by these anti-american technocrats and their best friends in China.

  6. Pat Wood

    I use a My Pillow and it a wonderful product. We should all be able to tell our friends where to buy them now that he has lost so many outlets. Let’s give him a boost by advertising where they are now sold.


    I’ve tried to cancel for life and forever, but I don’t seem to get rid of the pox called twitter. How does a person cancel this thing?

    • Ernst

      I just never go to their site. The lack of traffic will soon show up as a lack of revenue. Goodbye Twitter! And good riddance!

  8. Ernst

    Mike Lindell is an exceptional American entrepreneur who has created jobs and great products here in America. Now Twitter bans him? BAN TWITTER!!

  9. Stephen

    Excuse me but:

    Who the hell needs twitter? I deleted my twitter and facebook accounts and, low and behold, I am still breathing in and out! I am not going to be forced to think one way or another simply because some schmuck tells me to! Show me the facts and I will make up my own mind, thank you very much! If that is too independent for some? I don’t need you either! Piss off! I refuse to be just another sheep and follow along!

  10. Audrey

    Never signed up for Twitster & never will! I will not have anything to do with UN-AMERICAN COMPANIES, ETC…..My belief is BUY AMERICAN i.e. BE AMERICAN, BELIEVE AMERICAN!!!!

  11. Richard G Fisher

    TWITTER is TRASH. Never use it.

  12. Rich

    Its to bad Twitter has shown to be a communist / racial social media platform. Their certainly not American because they would never have been raised by parents that would disregard our US Constitution. Best thing everyone could do is quit there accounts. Stick together people, make it hurt.

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