On Stimulus, Do I Hear $2 Trillion? Will Anyone Pay $2 Trillion? Mr. President?

We’re dying a death of a thousand cuts on this stimulus thing.

On Wednesday Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, representing President Trump who said he’d support a $1.8 trillion deal, said that he and House Speaker Pelosi are close on some items and far apart on others.  The funding for testing for COVID-19 came up as a sticking point.  The news of the distance between the two sent the equity markets lower as the chance of a deal before the election appeared to be slipping away.

But wait!  Now there’s hope.

In an interview on Fox Business Network, Trump said that he would raise his offer from $1.8 trillion in an effort to get a deal done before the election.  Given that he’s trailing by 11 points or so in the national polls, this seems like a pretty good move.

There’s only one thing holding him and a deal back…the Senate.

So far, Senate Majority leader McConnell hasn’t signaled that he has the votes to pass such a big bill.

As they say in the Mecam Auto Auctions… the bid goes on.

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