Trump to Congress: Bring on Impeachment Trial in Senate!

President Trump doesn’t appear to be a patient man, so it’s no surprise that he’s anxious for the impeachment proceeding to move on.  With the possibility of an actual impeachment vote in the House of Representatives looking like a sure thing, apparently Trump wants to skip to the next phase, the trial in the Senate.

At least in that chamber he has a shot at what he really wants out of the process, the chance to put other actors onto the stand.

White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said on Thursday:

“President Trump wants to have a trial in the Senate because it’s clearly the only chamber where he can expect fairness and receive due process under the Constitution.”

“We would expect to finally hear from witnesses who actually witnessed, and possibly participated in corruption – like Adam Schiff, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the so-called Whistleblower, to name a few.”

If Trump’s lawyers can get those people under oath, they potentially can turn the tables on the Democrats and make the Senate proceedings about the actions of the Bidens in Ukraine and about illegal information flow and lying to Congress.

This might be the outcome that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) saw as a possibility, and why she resisted calls for impeachment for so long.  Perhaps she should have held out a little longer.






(Reporting by Eric Beech)


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Comments (11)

  1. Frank

    By all means, let’s get this trial going in the Senate. Put these lying Democrats and Bureaucrats, (notice both end in rats)under oath and then when they lie, charge them with perjury, take their pensions and give them the maximum time that the law allow. However, I’m sure the Senate will find more than perjury. Racketeering, conspiracy, sedition and treason all come to mind.

  2. Pasquale a Scungio

    LEAVE accretes and say dome people SEND THEM TO THE SHOCKS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bill Howell

    The Dem party has destroy their party, as a Dem for years, I have moved over to the Rep party. I would not want anybody know that I ever belong to the Dem party. How sad what the Dem party is doing. Dem and Rep should work with each other for the good of our country.

  4. Bob

    When the impeachment reaches the senate for trial, as it surely will under the little Schiff and Pelosi, I hope the senators running the trial hold the democrats to the same rules that the little Schiff is going by. The first part should be secret and held in the senate basement and most democrats shouldn’t be allowed to answer unless the whistleblower is forced to testify under penalty of perjury. Schiff said he doesn’t know the whistleblower, which we all know is an outright lie, and when the whistleblower is named, he should be asked about Schiff truthfulness. No matter, Trumo will be cleared to win a landslide election in 2020 and to take the house and senate with him. It seems like doom for the democrat party.

  5. SamW

    What the heck has the democratic party done for work since “We the PEOPLE” have elected President trump? A big FAT “NOTHING”… They are so hell bent on destroying a duly elected President. Time to banish the worthless democratic party…..

  6. Rob

    Democrats were dedicated to impeaching the president before he was sworn in. Democrats are determined to impeach simply because they lost the election! Therefore, we the people are being penalized for not voting to elect democrats. Let’s show the democrats that we will not submit to bully tactics! Vote out all democrats in 2020!

  7. Jeanne F Acosta-Caipe

    He thinks he bought them with that money “gift”>> DID HE??? Is there ANY integrity or honor left in the republican party??????

  8. Archie Daniels

    The Demon-rat party is seeking one party control. They may get iit, but not in the way they intended! American’s as a whole sees through their charade of lies. And it is backfiring on them destroying them instead, making the Republican Party much stronger.
    I think A-dam Schi-t has basically had his last hurrah.

  9. Ken Marx

    Actually, the Democrats are doing the nation a favor. They’re putting the corrupt deep state bureaucracy center stage where all can see them for who they are. We’ll have no better opportunity to push for elimination of some agencies and a downsizing of most of the rest than we have right now. Go Democrats!

  10. Sandra Wicker

    I agree, they have done nothing but waste our money, trying to get rid of our President, and keeping him from being able to fulfill his major promise of the wall.
    They don’t even have a platform set up for 2020.
    I’m hoping a lot of eyes are open by the end of these hearings, and that a lot of swamp cleaning is accomplished in the process! The Senate hearings is the place for all that to come out!

  11. Sharon stephenson

    People need to wake up and see what President Trump has done for the people and what has the Democrat party done know President Trump just might be a God thing so all you people had better wake up and put President Trump back in the White House in20/20.Also Nancy Pelosi and Schiff both need to be Fired.

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