Trump Creates a Storm by Calling on Georgia Secretary of State to ‘Find’ Votes

This is not a good look.

In an hour-long call on Saturday, President Trump pressured Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “recalculate” the votes for president in Georgia so that he can “find” another roughly 12,000 votes, the margin of Trump’s loss.

President Trump brought up several claims of fraud, irregularity, and abuse, each of which Raffensperger and his lawyer, who was also on the call, disputed. The pair pointed to the outcome of each question about the vote, including a hand recount of all paper ballots and a rescan of all electronic ballots. While Raffensperger and his lawyer acknowledged several things that went wrong, they also pointed out that the total number of votes that might be in question was so small as to not affect the overall outcome.

Trump wasn’t having it.

The call was recorded and then leaked to the press.

At one point, Raffensperger said:

“Well Mr. President, the challenge that you have is the data you have is wrong.”

The fact that President Trump called a Secretary of State and asked that he take actions that would potentially overturn a certified election is, at the very least, unprecedented. It could also open the president to charges of abuse of power, which will be much easier to pursue he leaves office in two weeks.

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Comments (3)

  1. Charles Long

    This is BS! Any Democrat would have called and a republican would have said nothing! DEMOCRATS quit acting like you can always get your way! You may own the media but there are many more of us so good luck even when you try this illegal takeover. Things will not go well when the country falls on its face and the economy crashes, the dollar turns to China digital currency and layoffs are everywhere and very little income is coming in. You will loose too! Did you ever think how good you have had it NOW? Trump did what anyone else would do no matter the party. Its freedom of speech, but you want to take that away, but only if its someone you don’t like.

    • Eijebong

      Charles, allow me to assist you. First off, go to:
      You now know the rules…give yourself a tick!
      Next, try to understand that a ‘full hand recount of the votes’ (and more) has been undertaken. Done that? Another tick!
      Now, note that [Atlanta] Judge Mark Cohen denied Trump’s motion to “de-certify” Biden’s victory in Georgia. Another tick!
      Moving on. [Augusta] Judge J. Randall Hall also denied a lawsuit from Trump’s attorneys. Got that? Another tick!
      We also have Georgia’s Election Official, who has stated that Trump’s claims are “just plain wrong”; backed up by the Governor.
      It ‘means’ something, doesn’t it? (Afterall, they are Republicans.)Yes? Give yourself another tick!
      So, collectively, “all” claims of voter fraud by Trump (except in his ‘Fertile Mind’) have been rejected. Another tick by you? Good!
      Now, when ‘a’ politician uses ‘coercion’, to try to get a Secretary of State to ‘flip’ the election result by ‘Finding “enough” votes to counter Trump’s loss’ it’s a pretty big deal. Agree? Another tick!
      Then, when that ‘person’ is the President of the United States, it ups the ante to ‘explosive’ proportions. How was this issue described again? Oh yes: “unprecedented”. It is…correct? Another tick!
      So, the upshot of all this is that you have a real-life situation where the President is ‘abusing his power’.
      Question: “Is that what you meant by ‘…freedom of speech,…'”?
      If your answer is “Yes”, please return all the ticks you gave yourself, and move on down the line. You are taking someone else’s air.

  2. David


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