Trump Says ICE Raids Successful While Different Outlets Give Advice on How To Evade

There didn’t seem to be a lot of activity, or at least much that the public could see, but President Donald Trump said on Monday that raids over the weekend aimed at immigrants who had been ordered deported were “very successful.”

The president had vowed to carry out mass deportations, and ICE had identified around 1 million migrants who had lost their bid for asylum or otherwise run through the legal system and now face a final deportation order.  The problem is that roughly 87% of those facing such orders don’t comply.  To get them to follow the law, which means leave, they have to be found, detained, and deported.

But many groups don’t want to see this happen, including the ACLU and Refinery29. They both posted instructions on what to do when ICE is at your door, such as remain silent, do not open the door, and do not let them in unless they have certain types of warrants

Even President Obama’s Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson was giving advice over the weekend on how not to comply with the law.

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Comments (2)

  1. Debra

    These people telling illegals how NOT to get caught, should be arrested and fined, BIG!!!

  2. Dave

    If you aid a murder or bank robber you become a criminal yourself and more than likely will be arrested and changed with aiding and abetting criminal activity. Why on earth are these people that are aiding in the criminal activity of illegal immigration and apprehension evasion being arrested, charged, and tried as such?

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