Through Supreme Court, Trump Calls Congress’s Bluff on Dreamers

President Trump rescinded President Obama’s executive order that allowed children brought illegally to the U.S. to stay.  Trump called it overreach, and not within the president’s power.  Several parties sued the administration to reinstate the protection, and the court case has landed on the docket of the U.S. Supreme Court.

When Trump ended the so-called Dreamer provision, he called out Congress, saying it was the duty of elected representatives to form last immigration laws, and not the province of presidents.

With the case set to be heard this term, Trump remains confident that, if his administration wins and the Dreamer provision is revoked, Congress will come up with a suitable alternative quickly.

Trump tweeted:

“Republicans and Democrats will have a deal to let them stay in our country, in very short order.”


  1. It isn’t just DACCA – it is the citizenship of children born on US Soil – They just busted a Chinese group for having pregnant Chinese women come to the states on a visa for vacation and deliver their child while on US Soil – the complete system of immigration needs to be completely reworked in a fair and bi-partisan manner – this will not happen with the Democrat leadership currently in place.

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