Trump Calls Chicago More Dangerous Than Afghanistan

Trump traveled to Chicago and then called the city out.

Speaking to the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the president said that Chicago’s high murder rate was worse than Afghanistan.

Trump said:

“It’s embarrassing to us as a nation. All over the world, they’re talking about Chicago. Afghanistan is a safe place by comparison, it’s true.”

Then the president went after Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, who didn’t attend as a protest of Trump.

Speaking about Johnson, Trump said:

“Here’s a man that could not bother to show up for a meeting of police chiefs – the most respected people in the country – in his hometown and with the president of the United States. And you know why? It’s because he’s not doing his job.”

While Chicago still has a high murder rate, it ticked lower in 2018, down to 561 from 653 in 2017.  So far, there have been 436 murders this year.

In response to Trump, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot tweeted:

…It was no surprise that Trump “brought his insulting, ignorant buffoonery to Chicago.”

“Luckily, in this city, we know the truth and we will not let anyone — no matter how high the office — denigrate who we are as a people or our status as a welcoming city.”


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