Trump Office of Civil Rights Looks Into Transgender Girls Competing in High School Sports

Apparently, it’s come to this.  We need the federal government to say that boys are physically stronger and faster than girls, which is why they compete in separate categories in physical sports.

That fact is lost on school officials in Connecticut, who have allowed transgender high school girls to compete in girls sports.  To no one’s surprise two transgender girl runners have been winning competitions and breaking records.

Some of the girls who were displaced by the transgender competitors are upset that they missed their chance to compete in state and regional competitions, and therefore missed their opportunity to be seen by college recruiters.  They sued for a violation of their civil rights, specifically Title IX, which ensures equal opportunities for women and girls in education, including athletics.

The Federal Office of Civil Rights has opened a probe into the situation.

Selina Soule, a Glastonbury High School sprinter, who has consistently finished behind the two transgender athletes in state championships, said:

“Girls should never be simply spectators in their own sport; they deserve to compete on a fair playing field. I hope that this important step will help return fairness to the sport I love.”

The Connecticut Association of Schools-Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference has said its policy follows a state anti-discrimination law that says students must be treated in school by the gender with which they identify, while other states require athletes to compete under the sex listed on their birth certificates.

The times recorded in the running events by the transgender girls in Connecticut would not place them among the top finishers in the boys category.


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Comments (7)

  1. Sandra Paleka

    Transgender athletes should not be able to compete in girl and women sports. It’s completely unfair. They should have their own sports events.

    • Cougar


  2. Barbara

    There needs to be new classification added for sports-trans needs to be added so they compete amongst themselves. Male and female participate according to chromosomes- real, true makes and females as they were born! The trans men to females, I believe, want to participate in female sports because they cannot win when going against real men! It is the only way they can compete and win. Not fair!

  3. bobbi.p

    New rules are needed and those who have medals need to be made to forfeit them if they are transgendered.

  4. Don

    such vulgar language does nothing to advance the debate but only makes you look like a stupid, insensitive idiot. You would do better to express yourself without the vulgar language. If you continue using such abusive and vulgar language you are only showing that you are what you are calling others.

  5. Thomas A Cooke

    Why not set up different classes of genders in athletics.
    An example:
    Transgender Girls
    Transgender Boys
    Hard Knock Lesbians
    Wimpy Boys

  6. BILL

    who cares what you claim to be. What counts is what you actually are. In this case, of course, it is hard to say what they actually are, but they are not girls. CASE CLOSED

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