Trump: Not Closing the Country if Second Wave Hits!

President Trump created a stir when he visited a Ford Motors plant that has been repurposed to make medical supplies. The press was caught up in whether or not Trump would wear a mask, as required by Michigan law and by Ford plant guidelines. But it was his position on how the nation will handle a possible second wave of the coronavirus that should have captured their attention.

When asked about a rebound wave that health officials think is likely either due to relaxed economic rules or just the natural cycles of viruses that return in the fall, Trump said we won’t go back to economic lockdowns.

Trump said:

“People say that’s a very distinct possibility, it’s standard. We are going to put out the fires. We’re not going to close the country. We can put out the fires. Whether it is an ember or a flame, we are going to put it out. But we are not closing our country.”

That was very good news for thousands of business owners across the nation, as well as workers who for whatever reason can’t access unemployment insurance.

As for the mask, President Trump had one in his hand as he addressed the press.  When asked if he wore the mask, Trump said:

“I had one on before. I wore one on in this back area. I didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it.”

He said he also wore goggles, which would have made for a great picture, but his unwillingness to give the press any satisfaction is understandable.

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