Trump Goes to India: Modi Rushes to Hide Slums

The words “build that wall!” evoke pretty strong feelings for some people in America, depending on how you feel about immigration or the practicality of building a physical wall, of course.

Ahead of President Trump’s visit to India next week, residents of the Indian state of Gujarat also have some strong opinions about the subject of building a wall, but for entirely different reasons.

For them, “build that wall!” appears to be what Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered ahead of Trump’s arrival, for what locals say is an effort to hide the miserable living conditions of many in the area.

Gujarat also happens to be the state that Modi governed for more than a decade until 2014.

The Indian Prime Minister is pulling out all the stops for this state visit, with the main event planned for Trump’s arrival in Gujarat’s biggest city, to inaugurate what will be the world’s largest cricket stadium.

The roads leading up to the stadium are lined with slums, which as you might imagine could be an embarrassment for state’s former chief minister, so they are quickly being obscured by a hastily-built wall.

In addition to the “beautification project” as one official put it, the government has also served eviction notices for 45 families living in slums near the stadium.

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